Rack Em’ Up! The Historic previous of the Billiard Ball

What are billiard balls product of? What do the numbers indicate on them? Why are some colored a steady color, however some have a stripe? Why are some larger than others? How does a cue ball know the place to go on a coin operated pool desk? Great what variety of questions you probably may give you regarding a straightforward billiard ball?

Historic previous

So let’s start off with the historic previous of the billiard ball. The billiard ball dates once more into the early 15th Century however it unknown exactly when the billiard desk and billiard balls have been actually invented. There are research once more as early as mid to late 1400’s of King Louis XI proudly proudly owning the first billiard desk. The Duke of Norfolk can be talked about to have owned a billiard desk along with the first documentation of proudly proudly owning billiard balls.

The earliest balls have been product of picket. As a result of the years went on fully completely different provides have been getting used to make them. Clay was commonplace, nevertheless a extraordinarily wished supplies throughout the 19th Century was ivory. Elephants have been being slaughtered at an alarming value due to the extreme demand for his or her ivory. One tusk might yield 8. The billiard enterprise realized though that the elephants have been turning into endangered in order that they obtained right here up with an issue for inventors to return again with a model new supplies for them instead of ivory. John Wesley Hyatt invented a composition supplies in 1869 referred to as nitrocellulose.(US patent 50359) Nonetheless, this was not the first artificial substance invented. In 1867 Sorel cement was marketed as “artificial ivory”.

By 1870 Celluloid was branded the first industrial plastic. Sadly the character of the celluloid made it dangerous all through manufacturing. Typically it is talked about that these balls would explode. Rumor has it one saloon proprietor in Colorado wrote a letter to John Hyatt saying that he didn’t ideas the occasional exploding one nevertheless the reality that every patron pulled out their weapons after they exploded.

Subsequently given that exploding ball seemed to be a slight downside, so the enterprise obtained right here up with fully completely different provides. Instantly they’re made primarily of phenolic resin. Clear acrylic can be used.


Pool balls can be found many different sizes.

  • American Sort Pool-57.15mm (2 1/4″)
  • American Sort Pool-(coin operated desk) (2 3/8″)
  • British Sort Pool-56mm (2 3/16″)
  • Snooker-52.5mm (2 1/15″)
  • Carom-61.5mm (2 7/16″)
  • Russian Pool /Kaisa-68mm (2 11/16″)
  • Child’s Pool-51mm (2″)


As well as they arrive in a number of colors. Some models they’re numbered the place others are often not. They’ve been initially numbered so “elements” video video games might probably be carried out. Video video games resembling 9-ball and 8-ball benefit from the numbering system. The numbers on them dates once more into the early 1900’s.

American Sort Pool makes use of 15 numbered balls and are colored as listed underneath:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Purple
  5. Orange
  6. Inexperienced
  7. Brown or Burgundy
  8. Black
  9. Yellow stripe
  10. Blue stripe
  11. Purple stripe
  12. Purple stripe
  13. Orange stripe
  14. Inexperienced stripe
  15. Brown or Burgundy stripe

They’re sometimes referred to “highs or lows” counting on their designated amount. They’re moreover referred to as each “stripes or solids”.

Snooker makes use of 22 balls in full. 15 are steady unmarked and colored purple, there are moreover six colored ones and a white cue ball. They’re numbered and colored as listed underneath

  1. There is not a ball with the #1 designation.
  2. Yellow
  3. Inexperienced
  4. Brown
  5. Blue
  6. Pink
  7. Black


  • Purple
  • White cue (used for participant 1)
  • White or yellow cue with a spot (used for participant 2)


Over the earlier a variety of years every kind of novelty balls have come onto the market. Now you should purchase billiard balls alongside along with your favorite sports activities actions employees emblem, cartoon characters, movie stars and so forth on them. There are moreover glow-in-the-dark balls, marble balls, wise joke balls (certainly not roll straight), weighted balls and even collaborating in card balls!

Magnetic and Outsized Cue Balls

Ever marvel how does a cue ball return to the participant on a coin operated desk? How come it merely doesn’t go together with the rest of the balls? Successfully there are two fully completely different causes; each it’s an outsized cue ball or it is a magnetic cue ball. An outsized ball is just that, outsized barely. When the ball drops down into the pocket, there are two tracks that the ball can go down, the outsized ball cannot go down the observe supposed for the smaller balls. A magnetic cue ball works by triggering a magnetic detector.

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