Types of Flours to Help Your Baking Time

There are many kinds of flours to know. Each of them has a different function from cookies to cake or bread to biscuits. The right flour will help you to have successful baking. The protein in the flour is the primary differentiation. The hard wheat is the one with 10 to 14 % protein, while the low protein wheat is the flour with 5 to 10 % protein. It is known as soft. More proteins mean more gluten. More gluten is more strength which means more volume and chewier texture. High protein flours make the dough more elastic. It is more extensible too. Besides, all flour is white flour.

  • Cake flour

This is the lowest protein flour. It contents 5 to 8 % of protein. It is lack of gluten, and it is good for tender baked like cakes. It is also good for scones, biscuits, and muffins. It is chlorinated. To absorb its capacity to absorb more sugar and liquid, you can alter the flour’s starch.

  • All-purpose flour

It is a milled flour from soft and hard wheat. The protein content is 10-12 %. It is not good for all purposes because it is the most versatile of flours. You can use it to make fluffy biscuits, flaky pie crusts, and chewy slices of bread.

  • Bread flour

The protein content is 12 to 14 %. It is the strongest of all flours. It is important in yeasted bread because a strong gluten network is needed to produce CO2 gases in fermentation. The better volume and chewier crumb are the results of extra protein. The white or whole wheat, bleach or unbleached are what to have in this type.

  • Pastry flour

This is an unbleached flour. It is made from soft what and having the middle protein levels between all-purpose flour and cake flour. It is the ideal balance between tenderness and flakiness. It is good for tarts, cookies, and pies. You can make it by yourself by ix together 1 1/3 cups of A-P flour and 2/3 cup cake flour.

  • Self-rising flour

During milling, baking powder and salt have been added. It is made from the low protein wheat. It is grown in the South and good for tender biscuits. You can use it to make some cakes, muffins, and pancakes too. It is easy to get it in the store because it is common to sell with only can be used after six months of purchase. To make it by yourself, you need to combine a cup of pastry flour with 1 ½ teaspoon baking powder. Do not forget to add ¼ teaspoon of salt.

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