Homemade Fruit Juice Recipe for Amateur

The fruit juice will help you to stay fresh all day. It helps you to boost your health too. If it is the first time for you to make it, you need to get the recipe. Write down what you need to blend. Get the ingredients and spend around 15 minutes to have the tasty fruit juice.

What you need are:

A cup of pomegranate seeds, a cup of grapefruit, two tablespoon lemon juice, tablespoon honey, a half cup water, an orange, a mango, a half cup ice cubes, and two sprigs mint leaves.

What you have to do are:

Wash all the fruits. Peel and chop them if you think they need it. Add them to a food processor or a blender. You need to pour lemon juice, honey, ice cubes, and water. Blend them until smooth. It is time to pour the juice in a chilled glass. You can use a strainer to remove the pulp. Add the mint leaves as the garnish, and the juice is ready to serve.

It is pretty simple to make. You do not have to use the whole fruits above. Get them based on their season. If it is difficult to find a mango, skip it or change to another juice. You cannot skip honey, water, lemon juice, and ice cubes. It seems like they are the essential ingredients to have. You can use a juicer if you think you will make it often. Another fruits to choose is banana. Even if you want to add something in it, you can put ginger, carrot, or beet. Mix everything and check the taste would help you to be a master of fruit juice.

The things to make your juice is different from store-bought juice are the additional ingredients. There will be no preservatives, less sugar, and no additives. Having a healthy fruit juice is a must. You drink the fruit juice because you want to stay healthy. Therefore, you have to keep the nutrients in the fruits stay. Check the speed of the blender too. The blender needs your hands to squeeze the juice. It is better to serve the juice immediately. Keep the freshness of it is pretty important.

Fruits give a lot of benefits to our body. It does not matter the season, and you could have them anytime. They are good for every day and every activity. Boost your immune system with fruits.

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