Amazing Summer Beverages: Beat the Heat

Summer is coming. You will be easy to get tired because you are sweaty and messed up the whole day. The most important thing to do is to stay hydrated. Therefore, you need special beverages that best to have in summer. What are they?

  • Aam Panna

King fruits mango is the basic ingredient of this beverage. Blend the mango pulp with jeera, mint leaves, and cumin. You will get energise and refresh in sunny days.

  • Sattu Sharbat

Comes from Bihar, this drink could help your body keeps cool. It s made from sugar, Sattu flour, and water. It is filling besides refreshing.

  • Jaljeera

Do you know Jeera? It is good for people with digestion problems. During summer, you mostly have a digestion problem. Jeera is cumin seeds. You have to gulp down it and endure summer.

  • Buttermilk

It is called Chaas it is an Indian favourite beverage. It is good for the digestive system and great for summer.

  • Coconut water

People around the world have known the benefits behind coconut water. This is the mild sweetness drink to keep summer blues. It helps you to cheer up and rehydrate you. It is because coconut water is a great electrolyte.

  • Sugarcane juice

This traditional drink never ends. It is a natural remedy to many problems. Sugarcane juice is an energy drink which could build up your body fluids and plasma. It helps you to counter the dullness and dehydration. To add the fresh taste, add mint leaves.

  • The Lassi

The smooth and creamy yoghurt in it is refreshing. The summer cooler comes from the variation in it like avocado, banana, mango, mint, and walnut.

  • Lemonade

This is one of the quick drink to make, but it has an amazing taste. You only need lemons, mint leaves, salt, sugar, and water. Adding black pepper and coriander make it tastes more delicious.

  • Barley water

The ancient people have trusted this beverage for their health. Make the pearl barley, a dash of honey, water, lemon, and salt.

  • Watermelon juice

This is the best of the best juice. It is super refreshing and super hydrating your body. Beat the heat with this juice. You can get your focus back after consuming it.

Take the one that easy to make at home. Beat the beat wherever you are. Bring the beverage with you because most of them are well taken.

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