6 Best Chocolate Drink to Make at Home

If you are a chocolate addictive, you need to organise chocolate into something different at home. If going to a café to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate seems expensive, here are some best chocolate drinks that easy to make at home.

  • Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

Warm-up your body in the evening with Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate. Insert a cinnamon and cayenne pepper will make it hotter. Do not use the flavour chocolate, but use pure dark chocolate. It gives you a sensation of the bitter and extra bitter hot chocolate.

  • Liquid Truffle

It is one of the comfort drink. Have it at home will help you to feel a café sense. Dark chocolate combined with milk chocolate. It melts into a ganache. Whisked it together with hot cream. You will have a creamy chocolate drink. It is thicker and richer than what you used to have.

  • Matcha white hot chocolate

The perfect balance of bitter Japanese matcha green tea and sweet white chocolate make the taste unforgettable. It is lightly sweet and creamy if you use cow’s milk in it. However, to have a lighter taste, you can use coconut milk.

  • Shake your bonbon

Chocolate espresso is something you need at home. Combine the same amount of vanilla syrup and chocolate syrup. Make it as a double shot of espresso. Add ice into a shaker. Shake it until could. Fill the glass with milk after you put this mixture in it. Put the whipped cream as its topping.

  • Dark chocolate coconut iced coffee

It is very refreshing. At the end of the week and you do not have any plan to go, make it at home. Prepare your favourite coffee. Stir it in chopped dark chocolate. Use the high percentage cacao for it because it is healthier and low sugar. Keep until it melts. Refrigerate the coffee and pour it over ice. You can put coconut milk on the top.

  • Chocolate Martini

Martini is the favourite dessert cocktail on restaurant menus. It has been for years. You do not have to wait to have it because you may have it at home. Skip the chocolate liqueur. Make a heavy cream base. Sprinkle the top with chocolate shavings for the best finishing. Enjoy the day! You also could skip semi-sweet chocolate.

Now, you can have chocolate every day at home. Do not wait for the turn to go to a restaurant for them.

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