5 Ways to Make Healthy Bento Lunch Box for Kids

Kids must love bento. Bento is a Japanese lunch box name with various shape and menu. It is full of fun because of the characters of the Bento Box and Bento menu. The healthy concept is a must. Therefore, you have to concern these ways to make healthy bento.

  1. Do not miss the protein

You could try to have the burrito bowl bento box. Kids need protein to grow. Use the burrito to provide it by its black beans. Insert pork or beef, which help them to keep full until the school ends. Mix it with veggies to provide them with fibre which good for their digestive system.

  1. More vegetables are great

Depends on the kids’ activity, vegetables help them to stay fresh. Try Greek Quinoa Salad. Mix and match the colour of veggies to attract the kids. Greek Quinoa Salad has honey and lemon juice inside it. The kids will love it.

  1. Carbo is important for its energy

Well, kids should re-energise at noon. They need more carbohydrate which comes from flour or rice. Having noodle can be a great option. You may try Chicken Pesto Zucchini Noodles Bento for them. Add the fruits as the complement in the end.

  1. Completely healthy

Protein, carbo, vitamin, fat, and calcium are the whole things we need in our meal. For the calcium, it is not always come from milk. Cheese could substitute it. Having a Salami and Cheese Bento box is enough to fulfil the kids’ body need. Salami can be mixed with crunchy veggies too. It is perfect.

  1. Simple and easy to make

Do not ask the kids to bring the heavy box. Therefore, try to make it simple. For example, is making vegetarian taco wraps. Cut it into spirals and fit it to the bento box. Do not miss the fruit and veggies. This combination is great for kids’ activity until the afternoon.

Depends on your kids’ favourite food, you can be a creative mom in this case. The healthy bento may come from a sandwich with ham or making the asparagus pork rolls. Kids love the cute presentation. Therefore, to help them finish their food, you should do the trick. Cut the vegetables into the cute characters will make them clear the food. Change the menu every day and keep it simple. Another choice is baked tofu and potato salad bento. It substitutes eggs and meats as the protein source. Potato salad for veggies and insert the small dark chocolate.

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